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David Hasselhoff passed on Leonardo DiCaprio as Baywatch son

Leonardo DiCaprio’s parents are still sore with David Hasselhoff for refusing to cast their son as his kid on Baywatch.
Hasselhoff admits he ran into Leo and his folks at the Cannes Film Festival premiere for The Great Gatsby in 2013 – and they still remembered the snub.
“I said, ‘I’m responsible for your career…’ and his parents said, ‘We know, because we were there when you did not cast our son in Baywatch’,” David tells The Talk.
“If I had cast him on Baywatch he’d never have that career.”
Hasselhoff insists his decision had nothing to do with the Oscar winner’s acting talents – he was just too old.
“He was phenomenal… but he was 15-and-a-half and I thought, ‘In five years, he’s gonna be 20-and-a-half’, and I wanted to have a young son. We really did do him a favour… I wish I had his career.”
Hasselhoff eventually cast Jeremy Jackson as his son Hobie Buchannon. Jackson went on to appear in 159 episodes of the surf series between 1991 and 1999.

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