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David Lynch teams up with pal Agnes b for new Twin Peaks T-shirt line

Filmmaker David Lynch is celebrating the return of his cult TV series Twin Peaks with a new T-shirt line.
The writer/director has teamed up with French designer Agnes b. to create a limited edition collection.
The old pals agreed to team up to mark the 70th anniversary of the ongoing Cannes Film Festival, which will feature Twin Peaks-themed events to commemorate the revival of the show, which debuted in America on Sunday night (21May17).
Paris-based designer Agnes b, who has dressed Lynch for years, suggested he create items for her artists T-shirt collection.
The grey, white and black designs for both men and women feature slogans like ‘Oh Donna’ – a reference to a Ritchie Valens song and a namecheck to Lara Flynn Boyle’s Twin Peaks character – and Wild at Heart – the title of Lynch’s 1990 film, starring Nicolas Cage and Laura Dern, who is part of the Twin Peaks revival’s cast.
David Lynch wore Agnes b. designs in the new documentary The Art Life, which was released earlier this year (17), and during an interview in March (17), the designer joked about her long friendship with the quirky director, stating, “I think he met my shirts before he met me, but I’ve known him for quite some time.”
Meanwhile, Nancy Steiner has been credited with creating the look for the new Twin Peaks. She has succeeded late costume designer Patricia Norris, who won an Emmy Award for her outfits in 1990.
Steiner has previously worked with director Sofia Coppola on films like The Virgin Suicides and Lost in Translation. Her credits also include The Accountant, Paul, The Lovely Bones, and Little Miss Sunshine.

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