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David Oyelowo gushes about ‘charismatic’ co-star Rosamund Pike

Rosamund Pike was David Oyelowo’s first choice to star as his wife in film A United Kingdom.
The Selma actor stars in the romantic drama about Prince Seretse Khama of Botswana, who causes an international stir in the late 1940s when he marries Ruth, a white woman from London.
Speaking about the casting of the film, David shares that he was confident Rosamund possessed the strength and gravitas to play such an interesting character.
“She’s one of those actresses who has a really enigmatic, charismatic quality and you want someone to understand why (Seretse) fell in love with her pretty much instantaneously,” he told reporters at the premiere on Wednesday (05Oct16).
Though David also admits that it was “only right” to cast Rosamund in the love story, as he felt bad about injuring her in a scene they shared in 2012’s Jack Reacher movie.
“I have enjoyed her as an actress for a long time and I worked with her on Jack Reacher and in that film I Taser her in a lift,” he joked. “I thought it was only right that we do a different kind of film, maybe a little bit of love.”
When David, 40, first approached Rosamund about the Amma Asante-directed film, he sent the Gone Girl actress an email filled with pictures of the real Seretse and Ruth.
And Rosamund reveals that she agreed to star in the movie straight away, because she felt such an emotional connection to their story, which has now become “incredibly close” to her heart.
“I saw something that touched me very deeply and immediately,” she explained. “It made me cry looking at these faces and that initial feeling has been borne out by a story that we should all know… a representation of love that is not often seen on the screen.”
David wanted fellow Brit Amma to direct because he loved her work on 2013’s Belle and because she has ties to Africa and the United Kingdom. She became the first black female director to have a film open the London Film Festival on Wednesday.

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