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Davis slams family in angry post-arrest statement

The grandson of billionaire businessman Marvin Davis was arrested in Newport Beach, California on Thursday night (27Jan11). He is now facing a charge of possession of a controlled substance and has been released on $20,000 (£13,330) bail, reports TMZ.com.

According to the website, Davis fired off a statement after his release in which he accuses his family of calling cops and releasing details of his arrest to the press in a bid to boost their own public image.

Davis says, “I am shocked that my family would once again alert the police, and media, about a personal family matter simply to promote their own public image. You don’t see Charlie Sheen’s family calling the cops on him.”

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And he believes the drugs found by cops may have been part of a cruel set up, adding, “Authorities are investigating whether a certain family member planted the drugs in my home.”

Davis’ arrest came a day after he appeared on a live reunion episode of Celebrity Rehab, on which he starred last year (10) in a bid to get professional help for his addictions. On the show, which aired in the U.S. on Wednesday (26Jan11), he insisted he had been clean since completing treatment.

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