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Deadmau5 hits back in legal battle over his cat’s name

Deadmau5 has hit back with a new lawsuit in his battle with an entrepreneur over the legal rights to his cat’s name.
In December (16) the electronic music star, real name Joel Zimmerman, petitioned the U.S. Patent and Trademark office asking them to cancel businesswoman Emma Bassiri’s ownership of the Meowingtons trademark and transfer it to him.
Zimmerman’s pet cat is called Meowingtons (also known as Prof. Meowingtons) and he has sold merchandise using the name, but Bassiri launched a cat gifts website, meowingtons.com, in 2014.
In March (17) she sued the 36-year-old musician, alleging his attempt to obtain the trademark had damaged her brand. Her lawyers also demanded he stop using the Meowingtons name on merchandise.
The Canadian DJ and producer has hit back by suing Bassiri for trademark infringement, cybersquatting and unfair competition over her site’s name.
Zimmerman’s lawyer Irene Lee told The Hollywood reporter that he had hoped to resolve the matter amicably, but that Bassiri’s legal team have been, “relentless, now forcing our clients to protect their trademark rights and intellectual property by filing a counterclaim.”
His lawsuit asserts that he has been using his cat’s moniker on his merchandise since 2011 and alleges that Scott Hutchison, a former Toronto DJ who manages the cat gift website was aware of his music in 2010 and thus knew of the name’s association with his Deadmau5 persona.
The musician is now demanding Bassiri take down the meowingtons.com website, pay damages and forfeit any profits the company made.
Bassiri lawyers did not respond to a request for comment. In her original lawsuit she claimed Zimmerman had harmed her brand as some of the merchandise he sold under the Meowingtons name was “vulgar”.
After launching her lawsuit against the star, the businesswoman wrote on her website, “If there’s any time for women entrepreneurs to prevail it’s now. I won’t be bullied into submission over something I’ve worked so hard for.”

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