Dean McDermott’s Ex-Wife Asks Judge to Jail Him Over Child Support


Dean McDermott’s ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace has reportedly asked a judge to jail him, alleging he is behind with his child-support payments.

The CanadianAmerican actor, 50, who is now married to former Beverly Hills, 90210 star Tori Spelling, was held in contempt of court in March (17) over overdue payments but was spared jail when Eustace, 55, withdrew her complaint.

The former couple, who wed in 1993 and have a son Jack, 19, together, then agreed to work out an out-of-court payment plan as McDermott claimed to have “fallen on hard times”.

However, sources tell editors at the New York Post’s Page Six gossip column that Eustace filed a new affidavit for contempt with the Superior Court of California on Tuesday (10Oct17).

The insiders claim she filed the new complaint as he has failed to stick to their agreed payment schedule.

McDermott and Spelling’s financial difficulties have been extensively reported, as they are facing legal action over an unpaid bank loan. The 44-year-old actress has also been ordered to settle an outstanding credit card debt of $87,600 and had $700,000 docked from her bank account by tax officials.

In March (17), the financially embattled couple, who wed in 2005, had their fifth child together, a baby boy named Beau Dean.