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Debra Messing: ‘Being a single mother is a balancing act’

Debra Messing knows how difficult it is to be a single mother and also maintain a busy working life.
The 47-year-old actress is mother to 11-year-old son Roman with her ex-husband Daniel Zelman.
She is also currently starring on the hit television show The Mysteries of Laura and feels especially connected to her character Laura Diamond because they are both working single mothers.
“It’s the balancing act, it’s trying to be really great at your job and a great mother and a great friend and a great ex, and you can’t be great at all things all the time,” she said during an interview with The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday night (23Feb16).
“So one hour you’ll feel like you’re really winning, and then the next hour you’ll feel like ‘I’m the biggest loser in the world’, and that’s how life is. And I relate to that because I am a single mum and I work crazy hours…
“I thank God every night that I survived my day with my child!”
In The Mysteries of Laura, Debra plays a NYPD homicide detective who is faced with case after case to solve. Debra admits she is something of a case cracker in real life too.
“There’s 100 per cent an overlap in my life and Laura’s life,” she laughed. “I’m actually pretty great when I’m watching (true crime shows) Dateline and 48 Hours and stuff, I always know… it’s always the husband. And it’s always arsenic, right. It happens a lot!”
The programme also sees Laura caught in situations which require Debra’s stunt double to step in and perform some amazing feats.
In real life though, Debra admits she isn’t naturally graceful.
“I’m a total klutz!” she said. “I had a job before this where I fell down a lot and that was sort of written into the show because I actually did fall down a lot…”

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