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Del Toro to direct The Hulk

The comic book creation was first seen on the small screen in a 1970s programme starring Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno, before the giant green character tore its way into cinemas in a series of blockbuster movies.

Bosses at Marvel and America’s ABC network are planning to bring The Hulk back to TV in a new series and Mexican moviemaker Del Toro has now confirmed he’s taking the lead behind-the-scenes.

Del Toro, famed for creating creatures in Pan’s Labyrinth and Hell Boy, will redesign the superhero for his latest incarnation and shun computer generated imagery (CGI) in favour of prosthetics and puppetry to create Dr. Bruce Banner’s monstrous alter-ego, according to Deadline.com.

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He says, “I have always been attracted (by) the combination of comic book heroics and monsters… We (have) coalesced a respectful but powerful way of retelling the Banner/Hulk story in a fresh way.”

David Eick, who will write the script, adds, “I’ve enjoyed the challenging, rewarding process of revisiting beloved characters. (This is a) dream opportunity to join one of my all-time filmmaking heroes, Guillermo del Toro, in a faithful but unique retelling of the primal, emotionally-rich tale of one of my all-time comic books.”

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