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Denis Leary planted secret prop in The Amazing Spider-Man set

The comedian, who plays New York Police Department Captain George Stacy in the upcoming blockbuster, admits he’ll forever be grateful to director Marc Webb, who allowed him to slip in a subtle Leary Firefighters Foundation prop into a scene to raise awareness for his real-life non-profit organisation.

Leary tells New York Magazine, “Marc was kind enough to let me plant that. He actually had a couple of things he was going to put in, references that were close to him, and he said, ‘Hey, if you want to put something in…’

“So, if someone who’s watching the movie in 3D doesn’t know why they want to donate to my organisation, but all of a sudden they do, it’s subconscious. It’s subliminal.”

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Leary founded the charity in 2000 after six firefighters, including his cousin Jerry Lucey, were killed in the line of service while trying to extinguish a blaze in his native Massachusetts. The Leary Firefighters Foundation raises money for equipment and new vehicles and facilities.

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