Designer accuses Janelle Monae of plagiarizing Grammys latex look


A fashion designer has accused Janelle Monae of plagiarizing her design for her Grammy awards performance on Sunday night (10Feb19).

Japanese-Italian designer Nange Magro, who is famous for working primarily with latex, posted images and a video on Instagram comparing her Kotodama Leotard design from 2015, which she created for her label Dead Lotus Couture, with those worn by Janelle and her dancers on stage at the Grammys.

The leotard design, which features a white belted harness and a white collar, are uncannily similar, prompting Nange to both praise and criticise the star, who is often lauded for her unique style.

“Amazing performance by Janelle at the Grammy’s. She and her dancers looked great,” Nange wrote on Instagram. “I’m deeply DISAPPOINTED, though, that their outfits looked so much like one of Dead Lotus Couture’s 2015 classic designs. I could’ve made it for them if they contacted me.

“Nobody likes to see unauthorised copies of their original creations – be it in music, art or fashion. I am flattered to be an inspiration for this amazing artist, but not flattered that my original design has been blatantly imitated.”

The Django Jane singer has previously been pictured wearing Dead Lotus Couture designs, with a picture of the Hidden Figures star featured on the label’s website.

Janelle works with stylist Alexandra Mandelkorn, who was responsible for her Grammys red carpet look, but it’s unclear whether she helped the star with her stage attire.

The singer has not yet responded to a request for comment.