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Dewan-Tatum felt ’empowered’ in Playboy Bunny outfit

The star portrays a waitress in publishing mogul Hugh Hefner’s first Playboy Club in Chicago, Illinois, and instead of feeling objectified, she insists the revealing attire couldn’t have made her feel “more like a woman”.

She tells PR.com, “Like it or hate it, the Playboy bunny is iconic. I think it’s a beautiful, sexy, womanly outfit. I also believe that by today’s standards, we are wearing a lot more clothing (on the show) than most bathing suits and bikinis out there!

“What I love so much about the Playboy bunny costume is that it creates this hourglass figure when you wear it. For somebody like me who has to work hard to have my curves, it’s nice to wear something that helps me out a little bit, gives me that corset and gives me those hips. As soon as you put it on you feel empowered, you feel sexy and you feel womanly. There are very few things I’ve worn in my life that I can say make me feel more like a woman.”

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But Dewan-Tatum, who is married to her Step Up co-star Channing Tatum, is adamant she has no interest in exploring the world of Playboy further and would never consider stripping off for the famous men’s magazine.

She adds, “No. I’m not looking to pose nude in anything.”

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