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Diane Lane unearths tape of her divorced parents chatting on the phone

Actress Diane Lane recently discovered a sweet keepsake from her late mum’s past, which gave her an insight into her parents’ romance before they split.
The Man of Steel star stumbled across an audio cassette of her mum and dad talking on the phone, and now she cherishes the taped chat because they recalled their honeymoon, when they were very much in love.
Sharing the story with Elle.com to mark America’s Mother’s Day on Sunday (14May17), the actress says, “My mother would tape record conversations on the phone with people and they didn’t know that this was happening. And I hear on the phone, the voices of my mother and my father.
“I’m hearing them talk about me and worry, and life was complicated. But, there was so much love there. And I got to hear them, for the first time, talk about their honeymoon. My dad said, ‘Remember the honeymoon, Colleen? Remember the honeymoon?’ And she was like, ‘Yeah’.
“I could hear him, he was purposefully kind of grinding her down and getting her to that sweet spot where she remembered the romantic era of their life. I was amazed because I only ever got to know them as individuals. They never had a unified front parenting me, really. I think that the realisation that came from me finding this audio tape of hearing my parents talking about parenting, it proved to me that no love is ever wasted.”
Lane admits she always struggled as a child of divorce, adding, “They always planned on sharing me parentally, but I never saw them as a couple. It was really tricky to live between two strong, passionate, interesting, fiery parents who are not united in any way.
“You have two perspectives, and you value them equally, even though they’re kind of oil and water. And I like oil and water as an example because you have to shake it to get it to mix, and it only lasts for a few minutes and then it separates again.”
But she insists her mum and dad did their best and she misses them now they’re gone – especially her mother, who had ambitions of being an actress and a singer.
“She was also a painter,” she adds. “I thank her for my looks, my voice… I love to paint. There were no secrets with us, which I treasured.”

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