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Dianna Agron suffered awful mosquito bite on wedding night

Dianna Agron sported a hugely swollen lip after her wedding due to a nasty mosquito bite.
The former Glee actress married Mumford & Sons star Winston Marshall in an intimate ceremony held in Marrakesh, Morocco in October 2016.
After the festivities ended, Dianna hit the hay, only to be woken a short time later with sharp pain in her face.
“I woke up about 3.45 in the morning,” she said during an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Thursday night (02Nov17). “I heard a mosquito in the room, and thought, ‘Go get your veil, just put that over the two of you. Do that.'”
But the veil didn’t do much to protect her from the mosquito, as shortly after she discovered a horrible bite, causing the lower half of her face and lips to swell up.
“And I woke up an hour later and something felt wrong. I went to the bathroom, things were wrong. I’d also lost my voice at this point so I was like (in a deep voice), ‘Honey, something is happening,'” she laughed, adding that her face quickly returned to normal shortly after.
During the interview with host James, Dianna was joined by actress Kristen Bell. With all the talk of weddings and anniversaries, the Bad Moms star admitted she can never remember the date on which she wed Dax Shepard in 2013.
“Neither of us remember, genuinely. We know it’s in the fall. I think it’s October 17th but that’s because your segment producer told me that. And we only know because my mom reminds me, she’s like, ‘Happy Anniversary.’ But since we both forget, nobody’s mad!” she smiled.

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