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Diaz eats her way around the world

The movie star admits she loves revisiting diners in England, Italy, Germany, Australia and Russia – and makes sure she has time for a meal whenever she’s travelling the world pitching new films.

She says, “The whole purpose for me of the trip is to eat in my favourite restaurants in whatever city I’m in. I plan the whole thing.”

And the big screen stunner admits Italy is her favourite destination – because she has a handful of favourites there.

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Diaz reveals she loves scoffing truffles in Tuscany: “It’s like pulling gold out of the ground… It grows underground and pigs used to hunt it, because you can’t farm them.”

The actress went on a truffle hunt during one recent trip to Italy and admits it was one of the most amazing experiences: “I found, like, three truffles about a foot deep myself… You have to pay the farmer to go with him to do his job.

“Then, after you’ve gone through and you’ve dug them up and you’re muddy, which is amazing – you’re in Italy, you’ve got Tuscan mud all over you, you’ve slipped down the side of a mountain and the rain has come down on you and it’s just so beautiful, and you go back to the house and you realise you don’t get to keep any.

“You go and have a nice meal with it… and then at the very end he (farmer) opens up the refrigerator and I spy there’s, like, 300 truffles in the frickin’ refrigerator, and I’m like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ It’s like he’s the richest man I’ve ever seen in my life.

“That’s when I asked him if he needed a wife because I was pretty sure that this… was the man for me. His wife tapped me on the shoulder and she said, ‘I got there first’.”

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