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Dick estate drops The Adjustment Bureau case

The movie, which also stars Emily Blunt, was loosely based on the late writer’s short story Adjustment Team and estate executors filed a lawsuit last year (11) alleging film chiefs reneged on a deal to hand over a share of the profits.

The lawsuit took aim at director George Nolfi and studio Media Rights Capital (MRC), claiming they backed out of their agreement over a copyright dispute, and demanded compensation for royalties plus interest and attorneys’ fees.

However, a judge threw out key parts of the case earlier this month (Feb12), and Dick’s estate officials have now dropped the lawsuit, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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The dismissal papers were filed in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles on Friday (17Feb12).

A statement from MRC reads, “We could not be happier for our partner George Nolfi now that the lawsuit concerning The Adjustment Bureau, brought by the heirs of the Philip K. Dick estate, has been dismissed. George is not only a talented artist but an individual of the highest integrity and to claim or suggest otherwise is both offensive and completely unwarranted.”

Estate lawyer Goldstein adds, “The judge’s ruling and our decision to dismiss the remaining portions of the federal case had nothing to do with the merits of any of the claims. The judge only concluded that state court is the appropriate venue for the dispute.”

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