Director Ryan Murphy looking for Princess Diana look-alike


Glee creator Ryan Murphy is on the hunt for a Princess Diana look-alike to play the tragic royal in his new Feud series.

Murphy’s first Feud drama focused on the rivalry between veteran movie stars Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, and now he’s focused on taking a close look at Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s bad romance.

And he’s keen to cast someone he can make look just like the late Di.

“Whenever I cast somebody (to play another real-life person), I want to get it in the ballpark,” he says. “Then you just shoot the s** out of the makeup testing and get it right.”

And Ryan knows he has to be very careful how he portrays the beloved royal, who lost her life in a Paris, France car crash in August, 1997: “She is obviously a powerful, sympathetic person and we have to handle her in a really cool way,” the director explained during a panel event to mark the end of his anthology series Feud: Bette and Joan on Sunday night (23Apr17). “She stood for a lot and I like how she was so outspoken and that’s what her story is going to be.”

The series, which will begin shooting this summer (17) will chronicle Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s relationship around the time of their 1996 divorce.

There’s also no word on who will portray Charles or his second wife Camila.

Meanwhile, busy Murphy is also finishing off details for his third Feud series, which will tackle former friends Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s awkward relationship throughout the 2016 presidential election.

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