Dog the Bounty Hunter targeted in email scam

Dog The Bounty Hunter and his team rumbled an email scam after receiving a dubious job offer to make a speech in Dubai.
According to, the reality star received an offer, seemingly from the office of the United Arab Emirates’ Deputy Prime Minister Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, offering a large fee to speak at an economic empowerment convention later this month (Aug19).
Both sides agreed on a deal, but Dog, real name Duane Lee Chapman, and Alan questioned whether the offer was a real one after calling a hotel listed as hosting the event and discovering they had no knowledge of the convention. They also became suspicious due to the complex financial transactions surrounding the deal.
The organisers sent him a cheque for $430,000 (£353,000) but asked for $250,000 (£205,000) to be donated back to the foundation, a move which would have left Dog out of pocket.
Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, the offer is a version of an “advanced-fee scam”, also known as a “Nigerian Prince letter” after a common modern version, and that other rich stars have been targeted.
If Dog had deposited the cheque and made the donation, he would have lost his money as the $430,000 would have vanished from his account after a few days. He and his team contacted the company listed as having cut the cheque, and they had no knowledge of the transaction.
The thwarted scam comes after a tough two months for Dog, who lost his wife and bounty hunting partner Beth to cancer in July. His shop in Edgewater, Colorado was also burgled weeks later, with some of Beth’s personal possessions taken.