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Dolly Parton threatened to shoot a man who once mistook her for a prostitute

Country music superstar Dolly Parton once pulled a gun on a man who mistook her for a cheap hooker.
The Jolene singer was visiting New York City for the first time with a girl friend and they decided to take a wander around the city without really knowing where they were going.
The two out-of-towners, who were both packing small pistols in their handbags, found themselves in a less desirable part of the Big Apple and Dolly began to realise they were surrounded by tramps and prostitutes.
Appearing on Monday’s (03Oct16) episode of TV show The Talk, she recalled, “We fit right in but we didn’t know that.
“This guy came up to me and he was really gonna have his way with me and he kept coming onto me; he thought I was for sale.
“I kept putting him off… and he just kept on going, ‘Yeah, right!’ I pulled my gun out and I said, ‘If you touch me one more time… I’m gonna change you from a rooster to a hen!'”
Dolly has always been fascinated by hookers and plays one she grew up idolising in her upcoming holiday TV movie Christmas of Many Colors.
“When I was little, I patterned my look after the town trollop,” she recently told U.S. TV host Jimmy Fallon. “I thought she was the most beautiful thing, because she had all this makeup, hair, tight clothes and everything I wanted.”
And when it came to casting her in the festive film about life growing up in rural Tennessee, Dolly felt she should play her, adding, “I thought, ‘Why not play the painted lady?'”
Parton never got to know the “town trollop”, and she has never revealed her name, adding, “I don’t think her family knew she was a ho!”
Based on a true story from Parton’s childhood, Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love will air in America on 30 November (16).

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