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Dolly Parton turning 50th wedding anniversary into a big affair

Dolly Parton is making big plans for her 50th wedding anniversary.
The Jolene singer and her husband Carl Thomas Dean will hit the marriage milestone in May (16), and Dolly is hoping to make the occasion a big affair.
“We’re gonna get married again,” she told WENN. “We’re gonna dress up. In fact I had him trying on suits yesterday. And I was trying on wedding gowns.”
The renewal ceremony will be a much bigger deal than her wedding day, which was a quiet affair, so Dolly and her super-private husband could keep the story out of the local papers.
“I had just signed with Monument Records and Fred Foster, who was the head of the label, was investing quite a bit of money in me to try and get me started in the business,” the 70-year-old country star recalled. “He had heard that I was engaged and we already sent out our wedding invitations.
“He called me in the office and said, ‘I would really appreciate it if you wouldn’t get married for at least a year, so I could make sure I can get a return on my investment. I want you to be free to work and do whatever I need you to do.’ I said, ‘OK’. So that weekend me and Carl went to Georgia and got married, so it wouldn’t be in the Tennessee papers!”
Dolly’s mother made the bride’s simple dress and only the preacher, his wife, and a witness were present to witness the nuptials.
“We thought we never had a chance to do our whole big wedding and I missed having a wedding dress, so I’m being fitted up for that and that dress ain’t gonna be pure nor simple.”
Mrs. Dean is also considering selling pictures from her big day in May to the “rag mags” and handing the proceeds to the Imagination Library charity.

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