Domhnall Gleeson thrilled by real-life Top Gun moment with Tom Cruise


Domhnall Gleeson had a real-life Top Gun moment when he took to the skies with an Aviator-wearing Tom Cruise on the set of his new movie.
The pair star alongside each other in new flick American Made, from Bourne helmer Doug Liman, about a real life CIA recruit who has a sideline smuggling drugs into the U.S. for Pablo Escobar.

Tom, who plays pilot Barry Seal, first ruled the skies as hotshot fighter pilot Maverick in 1986’s Top Gun, and will be stepping back into Maverick’s shoes next year (18) for a long awaited sequel.
“I went up in the plane with him and Doug – and he put us in zero gravity for a second!” Domhnall exclaimed to British newspaper Metro. “It was amazing. I got to float in the air. And Tom wore the Aviators while he was flying, which made me extra happy.

“I know, I know (it was a true Top Gun moment)! He didn’t put them (glasses) on for that reason but he had them on and he was piloting the plane. It was one of those moments.”

Irish actor Domhnall, the son of screen legend Brendan Gleeson, has earned his Hollywood stripes in recent years and has fast become one of Tinseltown’s go-to actors.

The 34-year-old currently has seven new projects in production, including Goodbye Christopher Robin with Margot Robbie and Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

And he’ll next be seen in Darren Aronofsky’s all-star movie Mother!, alongside Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, and Michelle Pfeiffer, as well as his younger brother Brian Gleeson, 29.

“Well, I’m a fan of my brother’s acting and it’s a challenge working with him because he’s very good so you have to up your game,” he praised. “Brian and myself are good at challenging each other when we work together.”


American Made is out now. Mother! hits cinemas from September.

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