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Dominic Monaghan dreams of finding new species

The actor’s labour of love series, Dom’s Wild Things, debuts in Britain next month (09Nov12) and his producers are busy looking to finance a follow-up.

Monaghan has had a blast travelling the world looking for the giant huntsman spider, hairy scorpion and Goliath beetle, among other creepy-crawlies, and he’s far from convinced his globe-trekking is done.

He tells WENN, “I’d like to see an animal called the fossa in Madagascar, which is very similar to a wolverine or a large weasel… They live in the jungles and they’re known as the ghost of the forest. They’re very shy creatures. You don’t see a lot of them.

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“I’d also like to cage dive with great white sharks, I’d like to swim with the whale shark, I’d like to see polar bears. I’m fascinated by animals in general. There are lists of animals I’d like to see.”

And Monaghan dreams of actually coming across a new species of creature.

He adds, “I just wanna keep exploring and I’d like to find a species that has not been known to science before and then maybe call it after my family name. Maybe in these places like Papua New Guinea or in the rainforests of South America there will be something that has never been discovered.”

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