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Dominic West is a sex expert thanks to filming The Affair

Dominic West has filmed so many sex scenes for TV show The Affair he reckons he is an expert on the Kama Sutra.
The 46-year-old stars in the award-winning drama as a struggling novelist whose life unravels after he cheats on his wife with a young waitress, played by Ruth Wilson.
The show is famous for its racy sex scenes, which mainly feature Dominic’s character Noah making love to his girlfriend Alison, and the British actor said he thinks the sex scenes are now getting out of hand.
“I know the Kama Sutra backwards. I’ve gotten very good at all the technical names,” he told GQ Style magazine. “It’s so ludicrous now. We shout for suggestions from members of the crew.
“I remember last season we shouted out, ‘We’ve done it up against the wall, we’ve done it against every piece of furniture, we’ve done it upside down…’ and someone shouted out, ‘Reverse cowgirl?’ I mean what the f**k is that?” he laughed.
The third season of the drama, which also stars Joshua Jackson and Maura Tierney, is due to premiere in November (16).
Dominic, who made his name in Baltimore-based gritty crime drama The Wire, has seen his career go from strength to strength, most recently starring alongside Hollywood icons Julia Roberts and George Clooney in Jodie Foster’s thriller Money Monster.
And he had a rather embarrassing first meeting with the actress-turned-director, who he called his hero. “She’s amazing,” he said of Jodie. “I don’t get starstruck but I certainly was meeting her. Unfortunately the first scene I did for her was a sex scene.
“I looked behind me and there was the entire crew and Jodie Foster with the monitor, looking right down my a***hole! I don’t know how much lower you could get in front of your hero,” he joked.
Dominic has three children with his wife, producer Catherine Fitzgerald, and a daughter from a previous relationship. And he admits being away from his children while filming makes him relish the more mundane family activities.
“My work involves being away so much that I love doing the school run and things like that,” he shared. “My main thing at the moment is to hang out with my kids while they’re at an age where they still want to hang out with me.”

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