Don Cheadle Jokes, ‘George Clooney will be a terrible parent’


Don Cheadle has joked he may have to help raise George Clooney’s twins when they arrive.

The actor, who has starred alongside the Hollywood veteran in the Ocean’s Trilogy, was one of the select few who were privy to the news that George and his wife, human rights lawyer Amal Clooney, are expecting twins before it was publicly announced.

On Sunday night (12Feb17), The Miles Ahead writer, director, and star, who was celebrating winning his first Grammy for Best Compilation Soundtrack For Visual Media for the film, shared his joy at his pal’s news, but laughed that he didn’t feel too confident about Clooney’s parenting ability.

“I heard it some time ago, but I’m very happy for him. I’m going to have to raise them,” Cheadle joked to reporters at Universal Music Group’s 2017 Grammys after-party in Los Angeles, reports People.
And he added it wasn’t hard to keep the news to himself because the pair “keep each other’s secrets”.

The 52-year-old has two children himself, Imani and Ayana, with his longtime partner Bridgid Coulter, and when asked to comment on his co-star’s soon-to-be parenting skills, the House of Lies star confided, “He’s going to be a terrible parent, and we’re going to have to handle that for him,” he smiled. “We’re going to take the kids.”

With tongue firmly in cheek, when asked what advice he had for the star, Cheadle offered, “As soon as the kids come out, send them to us or they’re going to be ruined.”

The actor was a surprise Grammy award winner at Sunday’s ceremony, but he admitted it felt like the project had come full circle.

“It started with the music, and to be able to really honour (Miles Davis) in that way and kind of put the music back in front, that was the goal from the beginning, so I’m glad that we could do that,” he explained.