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Donald Trump Jr. ‘disgusted’ by controversial Kathy Griffin photo

U.S. President Donald Trump’s son has blasted comedienne Kathy Griffin for posting footage of herself holding his dad’s decapitated head online.
Griffin tweeted video, in which she mocks the beheading of Trump, from a shoot organised by shock-photographer Tyler Shields on Tuesday (30May17), and the shocking post caught the attention of his son, Donald, Jr, who has revealed he is appalled by the imagery.
Trump Jr. took to Twitter and called the snap “disgusting but not surprising” before condemning the practices of liberals.
“This is the left today,” he added. “They consider this acceptable.”
He also argued that such a photo would not have been acceptable during President Obama’s term in the White House, adding: “Imagine a conservative did this to Obama…?”
Following Trump Jr.’s tweet, the 56-year-old took to the social media site to defend herself, posting: “OBVIOUSLY, I do not condone ANY violence by my fans or others to anyone, ever! I’m merely mocking the Mocker in Chief.”

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