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Douglas admires step-parents

The Wall Street legend’s mother, Diana Dill, divorced the actor’s dad, Kirk Douglas, in 1951 and went on to marry Bill Darrid.

He became a strong father figure for Michael as a teenager – and the 66 year old is sure his mother’s newfound love renewed his belief in marriage.

Douglas tells Britain’s The Guardian, “I was really blessed that my mother remarried a great, great guy. Step-parents never get enough credit. You know, it’s always the wicked stepmother or stepfather but the truth is, there are so many more step-parents who have assumed the responsibility of raising kids that are not theirs and I was really lucky.

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“He was my surrogate father from when I was 12 up until adulthood. Kirk would be the first one to acknowledge that. He was a great listener, which is a tough thing to find, and I got to watch a lovely marriage – so it reaffirmed and reassured me that marriages can work.”

Darrid died in 1992 and Dill went on to remarry in 2002.

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