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Downey, Jr upsets Sherlock expert with name slip

The actor befriended Malibu, California-based tax lawyer Leslie Klinger while preparing to play Holmes in Guy Ritchie’s sequel Game of Shadows but they fell out when the know-all saw the film for the first time.

Downey, Jr says, “I guess I dropped the ball. He was very upset… I said, ‘Les, what happened?’ He said, ‘You called him John!’ I was like, ‘John Watson, that’s his name…’

“He goes, ‘He would never call him John. Only call him Watson or Mr. Watson…’ It didn’t feel right when I said it; I should have trusted my instinct.”

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And the actor insists he has taken Klinger’s comments about his portrayal very seriously: “Thank God there are experts. People take (Arthur Conan) Doyle’s interpretations of these characters so seriously. They’re fantastic books.”

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