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Drake attacks groping fan at Sydney gig

Rapper Drake lost his cool at an after-party show in Sydney, Australia on Wednesday (15Nov17) when he spotted a fan touching women in the audience without their consent.
The Hotline Bling hitmaker halted the show while he was performing Know Yourself and pointed out the man in the crowd.
In video footage from the show posted online, the rap star can be heard stating, “If you don’t stop touching girls I will come out there and f**k you up!” as fans cheer.
The groping gig-goer didn’t heed Drake’s warning, prompting the rapper to repeat, “If you don’t stop putting your hands on girls, I’m gonna come out there and f**k your a** up.”
A member of the headliner’s posse actually stepped up to prevent the angry star from following up on his threat.

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