Drake revived Top Boy as it reminded him of his past


Drake revived British TV show Top Boy as it reminded him of his youth growing up in Toronto, Canada.

The London gangland drama first aired on U.K. network Channel 4 in 2011, but was canceled after just two seasons. However, the Hotline Bling rapper caught the show online and loved it so much he bought the rights and resurrected it on the streaming service Netflix.

Revealing why he was drawn to the show, Drake tells the Press Association it was due to similarities between the lives of the show’s characters, young drug dealers looking to establish themselves as gangland chiefs, and his own experiences growing up.

“I think there are so many parallels between Toronto and London; obviously we don’t have the same accent but we speak the same, so it reminded me of people I grew up with or guys that I know and situations that I’ve witnessed,” he explained.

“I just really felt super-connected right away and then it disappeared on me and I was like ‘Whoa, wait, what happened?’ I had to do my research and I found out it had been ultimately canceled.”

The hip-hop superstar, 32, also revealed how his team had worked to save the show and bring it back from the dead.

“I brought it up to my brother and my manager, my partner in crime who always is the best facilitator I know, and if anybody could get it done, he could get it done,” the rapper, real name Aubrey Graham, added. “And I said, ‘We should try and bring this back, I think the entire UK would appreciate it’ and at first it was just for me, I was like ‘I need this back’ and then I realized how much it meant to so many people.”

Top Boy series three, which features returning stars Kano and Ashley Walters, as well as newcomers, British rappers Dave and Little Simz, debuts on September 13, 2019.