Drew Barrymore ‘really misses’ her thin ’90s eyebrows


Drew Barrymore “really misses” the thin eyebrows she sported throughout the 1990s.

The Wedding Singer actress was one of the major trendsetters in the decade, often stepping out at red carpet events in slip dresses, leather jackets, and choker necklaces.

However, Drew has now shared that the fad she liked the most at the time was the craze for over-tweezed arches.

“I really miss my thin eyebrows!” she said in an interview with Refinery29.com. “Although I’m so lucky they grew back, because I tweezed them for so many years… I also loved bleaching the c**p out of them – I had a personal stock investment in (cream bleach product) Jolen.”

Another trend Drew got onboard with in the ’90s was the use of MAC’s Spice lip liner all over her pout and then tapping on a “chalky powder” over top in order to create her own matte lipstick.

And while current beauty trends are focused on bold brows and glossy lips, the creator of Flower Beauty cosmetics would not be surprised if some of her old favourites make a comeback in the future.

“Well, the ’90s was really just ’20s make-up redone,” the 43-year-old noted. “Everything is cyclical, we’re always honoring different decades. We’ve had the ’70s and ’90s, but I can’t wait for the ’60s to return, from Twiggy to Sharon Tate – those eyes! That hair!”