Drew Barrymore urges Hollywood to ditch ‘safe’ red carpet outfits


Drew Barrymore has had enough of celebrities choosing “safe” red carpet outfits.

The actress has worked in the film industry since she was a child in the 1980s and has attended all the glitziest awards ceremonies in the business.

However, in recent years, Drew has noted that due to a fear of criticism celebrities are reluctant to make bold statements with their fashion choices.

“I miss the days of Bjork with the swan or Cher and (designer) Bob Mackie. It’s like let’s do this. It’s a red carpet, why is everyone playing it so safe?” she asked during a video interview recorded for U.K. television show This Morning. “I think it’s because we got so into this culture of critiquing people on the red carpet that nobody wanted to be the butt of the joke. I think people just need to not care, not worry about haters or critiques and put on a show, because that’s what the red carpet is for.”

The Never Been Kissed star, who owns cosmetics company Flower Beauty, also refuses to give in to pressure to look younger, and is adamant she’s not interested in undergoing cosmetic surgery.

“I’ve not been tempted by cosmetic surgery and I don’t necessarily look my best naturally every day, but I don’t want to fight City Hall, as we’d say in America,” the 43-year-old explained. “My philosophy when it comes to ageing is, ‘It’s going to happen.’ I feel like I have such an addictive personality too, that if I started, I would be that crazy lady that spirals down the rabbit hole. So, I just know don’t touch it, don’t do it.”