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Driver in Viola Beach crash was drink and drug free

The driver of the car in which British rockers Viola Beach were killed had no alcohol or drugs in his blood.
Bandmembers Kris Leonard, River Reeves, Tomas Lowe, and Jack Dakin, and their manager Craig Tarry, died after their car plunged more than 80 feet (25 metres) from a highway bridge into a canal near Stockholm, Sweden on 13 February (16).
A spokeswoman for Stockholm police refused to reveal which of the five Brits was driving, but told the BBC, “We can confirm that the very preliminary post-mortem results show that the driver of the car had no trace of alcohol or drugs in the blood.”
More details of the test results are expected to be revealed soon.
The fatal road accident, which police say was due to the young musicians’ car falling through a gap in the bridge which had opened to allow a boat to pass through, came just hours after the group had played its first gig outside the U.K., in the Swedish capital.
In the wake of the tragic road accident fans of the group launched a campaign to move their only single to date, Swings and Waterslides, up the U.K. chart, with the track making it to number 11 in last Friday’s (19Feb16) rundown.
Proceeds from sale of the single will go to the families of the bandmembers, according to bosses at their record label, Communion.

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