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Dunst backs Spider-Man replacements

Dunst starred as Spider-Man/Peter Parker’s love interest Mary Jane Watson in three films, opposite Tobey Maguire as the comic book webslinger, but both actors and director Sam Raimi quit earlier this year (10).

Movie bosses subsequently announced plans to bring the franchise back with a new young cast, hiring Garfield to play the title role and Stone to take over Dunst’s character.

Dunst is adamant casting chiefs made the right choice and she’s convinced the reboot will be a phenomenal success.

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She tells Screen Junkies, “I like Andrew Garfield so much as an actor – and Emma Stone – so I think they’ll be great in the new version.”

And when asked whether she will go to see the new blockbuster, Dunst replies, “Of course I’m going to see the movie! Of course.”

The currently untitled Spider-Man film will be directed by Marc Webb and is due for release in July, 2012.

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