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Dwayne Johnson: ‘Baywatch is filthy fun’

Dwayne Johnson is convinced his new Baywatch movie will be a big hit because it’s full of “filthy fun”.
The wrestler-turned-actor both stars in and produces the revamped version of the hit TV series and he admits he’s tremendously proud of the finished film, which reaches cinemas in the U.S. on Friday (26May17).
Johnson believes director Seth Gordon’s movie works because it’s a risque R-rated comedy.
“We wanted to raise the bar in terms of shocking humour,” he tells WENN. “With comedies, there’s ‘fun’, and above that, there’s, ‘Awesome, I didn’t expect to have that level of fun’, but way beyond that, at the top of the mountain, there’s ‘filthy fun’. Let me tell you, ‘filthy fun’, that’s something. That’s the rarified air up there.
“Baywatch is ‘lights out, game over, we may have to cancel Christmas’ level filthy fun.”
The film’s producer Beau Flynn knew early on that the team behind the Baywatch movie would have to make something racy with expletives and nudity.
“When Dwayne and I started talking about Baywatch, we made a pact that no matter what, we’d take full advantage of our ‘R’ rating, which is a great canvas to be as edgy or irreverent as you want, so we really let it rip with the language and nudity, male and female,” he explains. “We’re proud of the risque ‘wow’ moments we had to fight to keep in the movie.”
Johnson adds, “From the beginning, one of my main things was, ‘It’s got to be rated ‘R”. Let’s swing for the fences.”
That said, there’s no full frontal nudity or scenes of women topless in the movie, just a lot of ripped, topless men and a shower scene featuring funnyman Jon Bass from behind.

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