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Ed Burns contemplating bar venture

The Brothers McMullen director and star’s character owns a bar in his latest film, The Fitzgerald Family Christmas, and he admits it sparked an idea.

Burns tells WENN, “I’m thinking I should become a bar owner for no other reason than to use for locations for my movies.

“I’ve thought about it for years but I’ve never got around to exploring what that would take. It’s enough work trying to write and direct and mount one of these films every year that I’m afraid becoming the owner of a bar would probably become a distraction.”

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If he was to follow his dream, Burns wouldn’t be the only star to take over a bar – Channing Tatum recently opened Saints & Sinners in New Orleans, Jay-Z owns New York bar and club 40/40 and Sex & The City star Chris Noth is set to re-open his Cutting Room bar in the Big Apple in the coming months.

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