Ed Sheeran leads stars urging Britons to celebrate unity


Ed Sheeran and Helen Mirren are urging Britons to celebrate national unity this weekend (16-18Jun17) to honor murdered politician Jo Cox.

Jo, a Member of Parliament in the U.K. died on 16 June last year (17) after she was shot and stabbed by white supremacist Thomas Mair while preparing to meet her constituents in Birstall, England.

To mark the anniversary of her death, community events, collectively dubbed The Great Get Together, are to be held across the U.K., celebrating national unity and what Brits have in common.

In a video posted on Twitter to promote the events, a host of British stars shared the things they believe make Britain great and what brings the country together.

Delivering a poignant message Ed said, “I think the things that unite us as a country are the things that are meant to tear us apart.”

The murder of Jo came just a week before Britons went to the polls to vote to leave the European Union on 23 June last year (16).

Tragedy twice again struck the U.K. in the run-up to this year’s general election, held last Thursday (8Jun17).

22 died in a suicide bomb attack following an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester last month (May17) and eight perished on 3 June (17) when three attackers armed with knives went on a rampage near London Bridge.

Striking a cheerful note in adversity the stars chose their own favorite aspects of U.K. culture, Ed suggested “fish and chips”, while Helen said, “We love our pubs” and comedian Stephen Fry, added, “tea and biscuits”.

Other British stars who appeared in the video included actors Bill Nighy, Michael Sheen, former world champion boxer David Haye and tennis legend Andy Murray.

The Great Get Together organizers are encouraging Brits to enjoy events ranging from barbecues and street parties to community sports days.

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