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Ed Sheeran performed flawlessly in African dialect on new track

Ed Sheeran’s performance in a Ghanaian dialect on Fuse Odg’s new track, was so good native speakers could not tell he wasn’t African.
Fuse, a British musician of Ghanaian descent, brought his pal Ed to sing on his new single Boa Me – and The Thinking Out Loud musician sung in Twi, a dialect spoken by millions in the West African nation.
The Antenna star said Ed was so determined to perfect his Twi, that when he played Boa Me to Ghanaian friends, they thought it was one of their countrymen singing.
“This one Ed didn’t speak a word of English in the song, just Twi and would only do it if he got it right,” Fuse told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper.
Before recording the track, the musician played him an array of African popular music, including Highlife, a genre of music his parents played to him as a child.
Fuse, real name Nana Richard Abiona, added, “Ed is becoming a Highlife legend because when I played it to people in Ghana they didn’t even realise it was Ed, that’s how much it sounded like the real thing. We did a test where people came to the house and the reaction was: ‘This is crazy’.”
Fuse’s track with Ed is being released to raise funds to help African communities, and he said that when the British singer-songwriter visited the children who will benefit he donated a school bus on the spot.
The 28-year-old musician explained, “We took him to a school we were building and straight away he understood the impact we can make and donated a school bus.”
Earlier this year (17) Ed bought another bus for a school in Croydon, South London, which was converted into a music studio.

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