Ed Sheeran & Taylor Swift rave about pal Camila Cabello’s mystery tune


Camila Cabello is confident she has a huge hit up her sleeve after both Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift raved about it.

The Havana hitmaker has released two new tracks, Liar and Shameless, but she has alerted fans to another song she feels will be her biggest hit yet, revealing it has her songwriting peers’ seal of approval.

“I played them both the song and I remember Ed was like, ‘This is the best thing you’ve ever done’, and Taylor loved it,” she told AMP radio morning show hosts Edgar Sotelo and Chelsea Briggs. “That really meant so much to me because they’re my songwriting heroes.

“It’s very heartfelt and very my kind of song. It’s a song that I feel like I’ll be so proud of when I’m 80 years old.”

Cabello also explained she wrote Shameless and Liar over the course of the same day and felt they should be released as a package.

“I think that these two are the same chapter of the story,” she explains. “It’s the same situation and basically two different sides of it.

“It was about a person I didn’t want to have feelings for and I didn’t want to face my feelings. I didn’t want to like him because I was scared.”

She doesn’t name the guy she was crushing on but the tracks were written a week before the release of her Senorita duet with new boyfriend Shawn Mendes.