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Eddie Montgomery: ‘I was at Troy Gentry’s bedside when he died’

Country singer Eddie Montgomery was at his bandmate Troy Gentry’s bedside when he passed away in September (17).
Opening up about the tragedy for the first time, Montgomery reveals he rushed to the hospital after learning his Montgomery Gentry partner had been involved in a helicopter crash.
“A little piece of my soul got lost there,” the 54-year-old singer tells People. “It was a horrific day, my world changed as much as the band did. It’s something that you never get over. It’s going to be in my mind and my soul for the rest of my life.”
Montgomery is grateful to his music peers for supporting him as he continues to struggle with his friend’s death. They include Vince Gill, who was part of a celebration of life event at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee on 14 September.
“He told me, ‘Man, don’t shut down on us. The best way to keep Troy alive is to keep going’,” Eddie recalls.
He made his first live appearance since Gentry’s death at the 2017 CMA Awards earlier this month (Nov17) as part of a tribute to his late bandmate, and now he’s heading back out on tour to keep on playing the songs he and Gentry created together.
“I’ve never done anything else but play music,” he says. “It’s all I’ve ever known.”

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