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Eddie Redmayne Amazed By Success

British star Eddie Redmayne is amazed he and his actor pal Jamie Dornan have embarked on successful film careers because they frequently wasted afternoons playing games while waiting for auditions in Los Angeles.

The Theory of Everything star has been surrounded by awards buzz since his portrayal of physicist Stephen Hawking was released in the U.S. last month (Nov14). The star is amazed he landed such a big role as he can recall wasting afternoons in Los Angeles six years ago with Irish actor Dornan, who has landed the coveted part of Christian Grey in upcoming erotic thriller Fifty Shades of Grey.

Redmayne tells Stylist magazine, “I remember being in L.A. with Jamie, staying on friends’ floors and going to auditions but having nothing to do in-between. We ended up driving to this hotel where you get free parking if you buy something to eat, so we’d share a club sandwich and have ruthless, relentless games of ping-pong for an entire afternoon. Frankly, it was astounding any of us managed to achieve anything.”

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