Eddie Redmayne & Felicity Jones in Talks to Reteam for Balloon Adventure


The Theory Of Everything co-stars Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones are in talks to reteam for a new movie about a pair of 19th century hot air balloon enthusiasts.

The two Brits are circling a deal on The Aeronauts for Amazon Studios, according to Deadline.

The film, to be directed by Tom Harper, will focus on pilot Amelia Wren and scientist James Glaisher, who teamed up for a balloon adventure above the clouds in 1862, flying higher than anyone before them – or since.

Jack Thorne, who wrote the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, based on a J.K. Rowling story, is the man behind the new movie’s script.

Redmayne and Jones were both Oscar nominated for their performances as Professor Stephen Hawking and his first wife Jane. Redmayne went on to win Best Actor.