Eddie Redmayne nervous about nude scenes

Actor Eddie Redmayne felt “embarrassed” during his nude scene in The Danish Girl, and admits he fears questions about the film following its release.
The 33-year-old star takes on one of his most challenging roles to date as transgender artist Lili Elbe, who was believed to be the first person to received sex reassignment surgery, in the upcoming movie. One scene sees Eddie bare all as his character attempts to hide his manhood; a moment which required a lot of bravery.
“Any time you get naked in front of a crew, it’s embarrassing,” he explained to Details magazine. “It’s not as if we as actors have some way of becoming comfortable with it. It would be exactly like you getting naked in front of 30 people.
“I have a fear of talk shows on this one. They always say, ‘Tell me a funny story,’ but the film was so intense. We won’t be putting out a gag reel.”
Also starring in the movie is Alicia Vikander as Eddie’s onscreen wife Gerda and Amber Heard as their friend. They were on hand to help their male co-star during filming and the Brit was overwhelmed by how people reacted when he walked out dressed as a woman.
“Just walking onto a set filled with men, watching the difference in how you’re treated, or the scrutiny… the gaze was overwhelming,” he recalled. “A lot of women I worked with said, ‘Yeah… welcome to our world.'”
Eddie’s last big role was as Professor Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything, which scored him a best actor Oscar along with various other accolades. The Danish Girl looks to gain him the same recognition, especially since he had much longer to prepare this time round,
“With Theory, I was so scared by it that it forced me to step up and request the things I needed – vocal coaches, movement coaches, specialists,” he said. “I had four months to prepare. For The Danish Girl I had three years.”