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Eisenberg braced for end of awards season

The 27 year old has been thrust into the spotlight and handed a slew of accolades for his turn as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, and will compete for the Best Actor prize at the Academy Awards later this month (Feb11).

Eisenberg has spent several months travelling the globe to publicise the movie, and admits he’s still overwhelmed by the attention – but he doubts he will ever have to repeat the process with another Hollywood hit.

He tells Britain’s Independent newspaper, “I’ve never been involved in a movie that’s received this kind of attention. I’ve never played a role that’s received this kind of attention… I imagine this will be the only time in my life where this will happen.

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“The endless promotion (has) been a bit jarring… There are actually some people who do this every year. To me it just seems like a really taxing process.

“You lose a sense of perspective. You lose a sense of needing to be creative. You lose a sense of what actual life is like. And you lose a sense of your own abilities… And one day, I can tell my children about how silly it was.”

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