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Elba DJs under a pseudonym

The Wire star DJs under one of two monikers, 7 Wallace or Driis, and Elba admits the best part of the job is maintaining anonymity.

He tells Black Book magazine, “People will come up to the booth, and be like, ‘Wait a second, is that…?’ But by that point, they’re just enjoying that I’m playing good music… When you have a bunch of film fans that show up to a gig, they want to take pictures and stare. They have no appreciation for what I’m doing… Smaller, great-sounding rooms with just enough people to work – that’s my forte.”

And although the actor likes keeping a low-profile, he’s eager to take his skills to the next level: “I just love doing it… I love the freedom of it… I think in the next year, I’ll be stepping into bigger arenas.”

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