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Elizabeth Hurley advised son Damian against becoming an actor

Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant have both failed to discourage her son Damian’s acting ambitions.
The 14-year-old son of Elizabeth and Steve Bing is set to make his acting debut in opulent TV drama The Royals as Prince Hansel von Liechtenstein. He’ll be starring opposite his mum, who plays Queen Helena Henstridge in the series, based upon a fictional British royal family.
While Elizabeth enjoys her own acting career, she’s not keen for Damian to follow in her footsteps. And Damian’s actor godfather Hugh, Elizabeth’s ex, echoes her sentiment.
“None of us encourage him,” she told Hello! magazine. “We all say, ‘It is a monstrous profession. Don’t do it.’ But he sees everyone that he admires is in the business, so he will one hundred per cent go into the business too.”
Damian has enjoyed the trappings of a showbiz life since his childhood thanks to his celebrity mum, and often accompanies the 51-year-old actress on the red carpet.
Elizabeth recently came under fire after the teenager was pictured holding what appeared to be a flute of champagne, though the offending glass had been photoshopped out. Elizabeth has since confirmed it was a champagne glass, but claims he was only holding it to join in a photo opportunity.
The third series of The Royals hits screens in December (16). Joan Collins also co-stars in the TV show, as The Grand Duchess Alexandra of Oxford, and is a close friend of Elizabeth’s. Speaking about the death of Joan’s sister, novelist Jackie Collins, in 2015, the Bedazzled star says she hope she’s been a source of support for 83-year-old Joan.
“It must be terrible to lose a sister,” she sighed. “The newspapers always made up that there was some terrible feud between them, but there wasn’t. They were fabulously loving sisters and very supportive of one another.”

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