Ellen DeGeneres won $1,000 for guessing gender of Natalie Portman’s baby


Ellen Degeneres won $1,000 after she correctly predicted the gender of Natalie Portman’s baby.

The Black Swan actress was heavily pregnant with her second child when she appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in December 2016, with host Ellen guessing Natalie was having a girl and even making a bet.

Natalie and her husband Benjamin Millepied welcomed daughter Amalia in February (17), a sibling for their six-year-old son Aleph, and the star has now explained that she honored the wager.

“You wouldn’t tell anybody what the sex was and I guessed. And you really didn’t know,” recalled Ellen on an episode due to air in the U.S. on Wednesday (14Feb18). While Natalie replied, “I maybe did but I maybe didn’t want to tell everybody in the world. I still made the bet because I thought it would show either way. But I kept good on my bet. Ellen bet $1,000 … You were confident, you were right to be confident, it’s a girl!”

Natalie went on to share that she didn’t give the money to Ellen directly, but instead donated it to the Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund, which the TV presenter established to support global conservation efforts for animals facing a high risk of extinction.

While Natalie is currently juggling parenthood with promotion for her new movie Annihilation, she has also recently taken up a new hobby. During her interview, the star shared that she’s enjoying learning to play tennis, but finds it embarrassing when photographers try and take snaps of her on the court.

“I decided to take up tennis lessons with my best friend. And we go every week. I think it’s really important to do something you love even if you are terrible at it,” the 36-year-old said. “But there’s always paparazzi taking pictures of me, and I’m mainly hitting balls into the court next to us. One time I hit the ball and I was looking for where it went, I couldn’t figure it out, and it had got stuck in the triangle in (the racket)!”