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Elton John curses faulty piano during concert hold-up

Elton John had to halt his concert in Evansville, Indiana on Saturday (11Nov17) after suffering sound issues with his piano.
The Rocket Man star was in the middle of playing his song Philadelphia Freedom at the Ford Center when the grand piano faltered, prompting the veteran musician to interrupt his band and stop the music.
“Hang on, hang on. Something’s gone wrong here,” he told the packed crowd, before swearing at the mishap.”C’mon you a**holes! That’s no good. Sorry about this, but I can’t play it when it’s not sounding right. I don’t want you to have anything but 100 per cent perfection here.”
In video footage posted on TMZ.com, a technician is shown running out onstage to tinker with the ivories, but when the problems persisted, Elton exclaimed, “C’mon, fix this, for f**k’s sake!”, much to the audience’s delight.
The Brit was able to get the show back on track a few minutes later, and he quickly apologised for his bad language.
“Well done, crew! Thank you,” he said. “They’re not a**holes, it’s just frustrating when things go wrong, because I want it to be perfect for you guys!”

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