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Elton John lost boyfriend to Sharon Osbourne

Rock matriarch Sharon Osbourne once stole Elton John’s boyfriend.
The Rocket Man legend has been close friends with Sharon for decades and he reveals long before she wed music hellraiser Ozzy, she lured one of his gay lovers away for a romp of her own.
“Years ago – and I’m talking about years ago – I would stay at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel (in New York) with my boyfriend at the time, and he disappeared,” Elton recalled during an appearance on Sharon’s U.S. daytime show The Talk on Friday (26Feb16).
“He didn’t come back to the room and I found out years and years later (he had been with Sharon).”
The music manager cringed and held her head in her hands as Elton told the saucy tale on air, and she could only apologise, saying, “I’m very sorry!”.
“It’s not my fault!” she protested, before joking, “He was interested in my stamp collection…!
Sharon, 63, then tried to shrug off the love triangle, quipping, “But Elton, I didn’t want him, I wanted you!”, prompting the openly-gay star to respond, “Well, you got as much chance of that as Donald Trump winning the Democratic (presidential nomination)!”
However, Elton made it clear he has long forgiven Sharon for her cheeky affair.
“You know what?” he said. “I loved her and I still love her. It was so funny when she told me, I cried with laughter. I said, ‘That’s where he went?!'”

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