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Emily Blunt: ‘I look awful in The Girl on the Train’

Actress Emily Blunt insists she won’t be topping any beauty lists for her new film The Girl on The Train, because she looked dreadful for much of the movie.
The actress plays a desperate drunk divorcee in the adaptation of Paula Hawkins’ bestselling thriller and went without lip balm and makeovers while shooting the film, after fans of the book suggested she was too pretty to play the part of Rachel.
Instead of her usual glam look, the Brit was fitted with contact lenses that left her eyes bloodshoot and smudged with rouge so she’d look like an alcoholic.
“It was really cold in New York and I was given no lip balm!” Emily explains to WENN. “My make-up artist really studied alcoholics and pulled up various mug shots of people who’d been arrested for drunk driving; celebrities as well!
“She was very specific about the rosacea (redness around the face) and we had a full contact lens that covered my whole eye for the really drunk stuff to get the bloodshot glassiness. The lips were her idea… I’d just feel my lips crack and it chapped them up. It felt so awful.”
But thanks to the fact she fell pregnant while making the film, Emily had no problems tearing up for emotional scenes: “When you become a mother, certainly for me, my heart just completely cracked open,” she says. “Anything to do with being a mother or children makes me weep instantly.
“It was a strange thing to be pregnant while playing this part but I’m somebody who tries not to torture myself with any part I’m playing. I couldn’t be in that mindset all the time. So I’d just find ways to unwind, like take a long car ride home, which was very helpful. I also have a toddler at home who didn’t care whether I was really good in a scene!”
Meanwhile, author Hawkins, who was a fan of Blunt’s casting from the beginning, tells The Hollywood Reporter she loved Emily’s rough look in the film.
“People say, ‘Oh, she’s way too beautiful to play her’,” the writer laughs. “But that doesn’t matter. The thing about Rachel is her self-loathing, about what she feels about herself, and Emily really brought that out in the way she carries herself. All that damage is visible.”

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