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Emily Blunt left offended as she fails to understand Americanisms

Emily Blunt gets into trouble with her misunderstanding of the word “quite” in America.
The 33-year-old actress was born and raised in London but has spent a lot of time Stateside over the past eight years to concentrate on her acting career.
While she has adapted well to life in America, The Girl on the Train star admits there are still some words that throw her when it comes to having conversations with people over there.
“I get into trouble here, because you guys, if you like something, you say, ‘I thought it was quite good’ and to me, that is really rude because in England if you say it’s quite good it means it’s trash, like you hated it,” Emily said during an interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Thursday night (06Oct16).
“People have come up to me (in America) and said, ‘I saw your movie. it was quite good.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh, alright! Well you don’t have to tell me that!’”
Emily will be relocating back to her home country in the next few weeks to start working on the revival of Mary Poppins, in which she is playing the title character. Husband John Krasinski and daughters Hazel and Violet will be joining her, although Emily explained her American actor spouse sometimes finds life in London difficult.
“He’s coming for first three months and then he has a job to do,” Emily noted. “He loves it but also very much feels like a foreigner there. I think Americans are so welcoming to British people – you are Anglophiles, all of you. I do not think it works the other way around.
“John said that he would go into this rather snooty cafe near a flat that I used to own there and he went, ‘They are all so horrible to me there!’ So I said, ‘Take your baseball cap off! That’s why! You look so American… no one wears baseball caps in England!’”

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