Emily Blunt ‘still shocked’ she got married in George Clooney’s villa

Emily Blunt still can’t believe she got married to John Krasinski in George Clooney’s Italian villa.
The Devil Wears Prada actress met The Office actor in 2008 and they tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in their friend George’s villa in Lake Como, Italy – a fact Emily is still struggling to comprehend.
“John’s known George for a long time, they did (2008 movie) Leatherheads together, but I can’t believe he offered us his house, actually. I’m still rather shocked about it. We thought he was joking the first couple of times he said it,” she told Harper’s Bazaar U.K. in a cover interview.
The couple has gone on to have two daughters; Hazel, four, and Violet, two, and relocate from Los Angeles to Brooklyn, although the whole family have recently spent a lot of time in London, where Emily filmed her new movie Mary Poppins Returns and John shot TV series Jack Ryan.
And being back in her native London made the British actress remember how much she loves her home country.
“I rediscovered how much I adore it,” she gushed. “I love the attitude here, the general irreverence and authenticity. I love being back and seeing my friends and going to all the familiar places. When you grow up, it sometimes feels that version of yourself is slipping through your fingers. To rediscover something is really special.”
The 35-year-old insisted they are both “massively hands-on” parents and live ordinary, domestic lives when they aren’t working.
“We love it,” Emily continued. “I’m so lucky with John. But I was colossally unprepared for how life-changing it is. Like all mothers, I think, ‘What was I doing with my day before I had children?’ It’s so full-on and they need you so much; I do find myself in a perpetual state of distraction.”
Elsewhere in the interview, Emily talked about having Dick Van Dyke, who starred as Bert alongside Julie Andrews in the 1964 original, come back and play bank owner Mr Dawes Jr. in her upcoming sequel.
“Yes, he’s 92 years old, but the eyes, and the smile, are seared into your memory,” she said. “It was terribly moving having him there.”